Meaningless musings



Have you watched this video? If not, I highly recommend it. It puts you in your place, humbled down to nothingness. We matter so little in the complete space-time, but we all live in our little worlds where we hardly ever have time to realize how insignificant we are.

This video raises so many questions to me, where did the universe come from, the universe itself gives meaning to existance as is, how can existance itself not be?


The discovery of chants.

Over the last months I've been really into searching means of relaxation, my first find was ASMR, specially without talking or ear licking, you could say "traditional ASMR".

There is something soothing about listening to sounds that make you tingle.

Anyway, the last thing i found are these "chants", you can listen to them endlessly and enter some kind of zone.